Infidelity / Cheating Spouses



Determining if a spouse is being unfaithful or deceitful can be a daunting thought, but not knowing can be even worse.

DWB Investigation Services can help to eliminate your doubts or confirm your suspicions by conducting discreet, confidential surveillance. We will get to the truth and provide you with a detailed report, photographic and video evidence on all aspects of the investigation. Find out once and for all.

Using both the latest technology and our own investigative skills which have been developed over many years, we can carry out a discrete and careful investigation that can get you the answers that you are seeking.

There can be many signs that a spouse is cheating, and things that may arouse your suspicions could include:

  • Sudden changes in behaviour or appearance, working out at the gym or buying new clothes
  • Becoming distant or uncaring
  • Guarding their mobile phone or computers, refusing to allow you access to use same or hiding passwords
  • Starting work earlier or working late.
  • A common sign is loss of interest in the bedroom, becoming less intimate.
  • Wanting to spend more time with friends or a sudden interest in a new hobby not involving you.

DWB Investigation Services can provide you with a discreet and covert surveillance service, using the latest covert video cameras to provide clear, concise and date/time stamped video footage along with comprehensive surveillance journal notes and covering reports.

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